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PA Auto Insurance:
Property Damage Coverage

Car Accident

Required Coverage: $5,000.00
Our Recommendation: Unless you have good health
insurance, at least $10,000.00

Property Damage Liability coverage pays money to a person who brings a claim against you if you are found to be at fault in an accident in which that person's property, such as a car, is damaged.  If you give third party permission to drive your vehicle, that party is covered by this liability insurance as well.


Since you may be personally responsible for paying any damages in excess of this coverage, you need to give careful consideration to the level of protection you require.  For example, if you are deemed at fault for a vehicle crash, and the other car, a 2 year old Cadillac, is declared a “total loss”, you may be required to pay from your personal funds the entire value of the vehicle minus only the $5,000.00 covered by your policy.  For this reason, to protect your assets, we recommend at least $10,000.00 in property damage coverage.


Property damage is addressed separately from Bodily Injury Liability.


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