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PA Auto Insurance:
Medical Expenses Benefit

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Required Coverage: $5,000.00
Our Recommendation: Unless you have good health
insurance, at least $10,000.00

The Medical Expense Benefit covers your medical bills in the event that you are injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Since Pennsylvania is a first party benefits state, your related medical bills are first paid by your car insurance policy until the benefit limit is reached.  Only then does your health insurance, if you have it, take over the bills.


If you have high quality health insurance, you may not need more than the minimum Medical Expense coverage.  However, medical bills following an accident have the potential to add up quickly; you may need transportation by ambulance, emergency room or other hospital services, physical therapy and rehabilitation, or even surgery.  Further, most medical insurance plans have provisions which allow health insurance companies to place a lien against your settlement or judgement so they can recoup the costs they paid out for your accident.  Therefore, it is always better to have a higher than “minimum” level of medical benefits so you end up with more money in your pocket.


If you do not have health insurance, carrying sufficient Medical Expense coverage is critical.  Even if you have health insurance, your plan may not cover all of the treatment or rehabilitation you need.  Thus, you should carefully consider your level of coverage under your auto insurance policy.  The last thing you need while recovering from potentially serious injuries is the stress of mounting medical debt.


For that reason, we recommend you purchase a minimum of $10,000.00 in coverage, particularly if you do not have health insurance.


It is important to note that if another party is found to be at fault in the accident and you do receive compensation for your damages, your health insurance company may demand that you reimburse them for the amount they paid for your medical treatment stemming from the accident.


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