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PA Auto Insurance:
Miscellaneous Benefits

Car being towed after accident

Required Coverage: None
Our Recommendation: At least towing and rental


There are several other types of auto insurance benefits not covered elsewhere in this guide.  You need to evaluate your individual needs to determine which, if any, of these benefits you should elect to include in your policy.


Extraordinary Medical Benefits:  This coverage kicks in when your first party medical expenses exceed $100,000, to a maximum limit of $1 million.


Accidental Death Benefit:  Should you be fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident and your death occurs within 24 months of the accident, this benefit will be paid to your chosen personal representative.


Rental Reimbursement Coverage:  If you have comprehensive or collision coverage, this addition pays for any car rental expenses.


Towing Coverage:  If you have comprehensive or collision coverage, this benefit pays toward the expenses of towing your vehicle from the scene of an accident.


Gap Coverage:  The amount of coverage your insurance company pays toward a totaled vehicle may be less than the remaining balance on the vehicle loan.  This coverage pays that balance.  Generally, it is only available when purchasing a new vehicle.


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